2008 Daily Photo's - 300m

Nov 5: The Hub We had a power failure when I got home yesterday. My daughter meet me at the door to let me know there were no lights. As I had planned a studio shot for today I backup and thought again. It was raining and overcast so that limited me to the house. I saw my road bike when I was going in after opening the garage manually so my wife could get in.. I got my camera and I took several shot that I thought were good. I did a B&W of the front hub Front and a couple others of the rear. I had to reshoot the rear when the power came on as it was dusty and visible in the shot Also to note the bike is hanging from the garage ceiling in these shots. The posterized shot the hub has a halo at the top that is really dust :) Rear hub Not bad for a day when I had no shots to share. I did do some PS work on this shot to bring out the dynamics of the shot and the details of that rear hub

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