2008 Daily Photo's - 300m

July 9: Out of my comfort zone. Well I did it today, fully out of my comfort zone and in front of the camera. It was raining today and between that and the tasker I was working I did not get my lunchtime walk in today. I have had this SP shot in the back of my head for the last month so I figured that if John could get in front of the camera then I could. I did the setup in my "office" here at home with two SB800's. One is mounted on a stand at 90 degrees to the camera with the diffusion dome on and set for 14mm lens The second was on the camera with the diffusion dome and set for 17mm lens. I was using my 17-35mm lens at 24mm for the shot. Flashes were controlled by the master on the camera set at full and the off camera a -.3EV. Triggering was done with the Nikon electronic trigger set for multi exposure. This forces the camera to focus at every shot so I could trash the 1st shot and use the rest :) I was actually working on a shot in Lightroom in the picture. The sunrise is here. Sunrise This was my alt choice in case I lost my nerve to post my mug shot.

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