2008 Daily Photo's - 300m

Sept 7: SP with a friend:
I was on line reading the Dailies and actually tying a note to Betsy (Shutterbuglady) when Marco decided to fire up the back of the chair and come visit. My daughter heard me talking and came to checkout what was going on. Marco was have a look here at what I was typing here and gave me his opinion. I was fortunate to get this shot, but the camera was setup & on to my left and my daughter know how to use one. Her only comment is "this is heavy!". I use a RRS portrait bracket to hold the flash and Kara is not use to a flash at all. This SP is by Kara, she took several of us and I liked this the best for today.

Bill Pador. I had a text message from Bill late last night. He is still sick and has not had a chance to take any pictures. He said to tell everyone Hello and thanks for the well wishes!! He greatly appreciated all the get wells he got. He has a major infection that is not going well so I wish him the best and a speedy recovery.

A Note from Bill!
Thanks to all of you who have sent me well wishes, your emails & comments on my pics have brought me great joy in the past week & I'm sorry I've been unable to answer them all individually but believe me they were all taken heartfelt & greatly appreciated. John if you would pass this message on to your visitors who are all my friends as well I would appreciate it my brother ! Thank You ALL VERY VERY MUCH !@ Your Friend & Dailies Group Member Bill Pador

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